Belén Benavent Cortés

From the short trajectory of the artist, her work has always questioned the great questions of life and transcendental issues. For her, art becomes the means to make visible, investigate and externalize a silenced or evaded reality in order to raise awareness about issues such as death, loneliness, addictions, beauty, or the ephemeral in relation to the eternal, among others. Art, not only as an instrument of self-reflection, but as a means to install new ways of conceiving and relating to reality.

Art gives her great freedom to experiment with everything she sees, so there is no specific language in her work. In her work process we can observe a great diversity of modalities, techniques and means. In this sense, there are works that respond to specific characteristics of realism, photography or photomontage, and others whose style is more expressionist in which gestures predominate over form and color. She is interested in the influence that color has on life, since it has the power to evoke everything. Therefore, color occupies a fundamental part in her work, because it represents another way of perceiving, understanding and modifying the world in which we live.

As an artist it is impossible for her to separate herself from her work, in each of her works there is something that refers to her own biography, which refers to that innate way we all have of understanding each other through what we do. Almost as if it were something mystical or spirit.