Olga Peñacoba. In Body and Clay

In Body and Clay was a solo exhibition by the artist Olga Peñacoba Almayrac at the Martín de Vidales Art Gallery on Moratín 23 street, in the heart of Madrid. The exhibition arises from the desire to reaffirm ceramics as an artistic sculptural technique very close to the body. The theme of the exhibition is an artistic journey that relates the body to clay. The relationship with clay has accompanied the evolution of humanity. Pieces with thousands of years are preserved that show the use of clay as one of the oldest techniques in objects for daily use as well as use in writing support. The union of humanity and clay must necessarily join, clay and water are the most abundant elements on earth.

This exhibition together with the works made in clay, all of them unique pieces, was orchestrates by the artist. The exhibition went through the visualization of the artist's performances where the clay and the artist's body intermingle. Olga Peñacoba Almayrac presented in both performances that union of body and clay in a dynamic aesthetic where body and clay become one body.