A for artist

from March 28th  to May 18th

A FOR ARTIST is an exhibition of works that have been part of the latest edition of JUSTMAD and that we want to relive and enjoy. Also celebrate new works with which we want to link the future of the gallery.

A FOR ARTIST is also a celebration with A for anniversary. 4 years in which we have gone through different ways of presenting art, from online gallery, art gallery in a space in a historic building in the center of Madrid followed by a wonderful experience in the Barrio de las Letras to finally find our place in Lavapiés, a neighborhood where the A for art is one of its hallmarks due to the important art centers and the most important art galleries in Madrid.

Curator: Leo Casas Vicente

ArtistsPaula López-Bravo, CR4Ndo, Ana Alberca, Manu Sales