Teresa Pajares

Jose Manuel Álvarez Enjuto opened  curatorial text in one of his many exhibitions saying that if painting is what the fishing rod is to the fisherman, architecture what the anvil is to the blacksmith, the consequence is a link of need and aggregator of flourishing and enriching contributions.

Teresa Pajares recreates playing with textures, materials and volumes. She is not interested in copying reality because reality and everyday materials are what make up art, everyday life provides the materials so that defects cease to be and are elevated to the category of art. In this regard, the curator Oscar García García writes that Teresa Pajares attaches the same importance to the materials, the creation and the finished work. She enhancing the temporary transience and the poetic delicacy of the materials, often through repetition and reiteration. In a decontextualizing process, where narration and memory converge in a sublime way, Teresa Pajares experiments playing with textures, materials and volumes. She finding in everyday materials the channel to configure her artistic argument. In this way, the elements of it resignified from it and elevated to the category of art, make us participants and aware of our environment.

Observing her work, I am aware that our environment, so often invisible to our eyes, is a great work of conceptual art that is waiting for us to select some elements to elevate them to the category of art.

Her website, although she always says it is out of date, introduces us to the artist. It also lets us see that Teresa Pajares is also a great audiovisual artist who is fascinated by the everyday submerged in the everyday.