Adriana Rodriguez

Rehearsal aesthetics (Estética del ensayo)
 Adriana Rodriguez.  Mixed technique on treated fabrics
Adriana Rodriguez. Mixed technique on treated fabrics

During one of the first meetings between Adriana Rodríguez and the Martín de Vidales gallery, the artist stated that she abandoned the figurative to investigate forms, the past and limits.

Adriana Rodríguez's work tries to flirt with the impossible, and with the contingent so that time and observation make it possible and necessary. The artist talks about the aesthetics of the essay and this is the umbrella that covers the work, a work with indeterminate spaces where each observation is not definitive, it is only part of an individual essay, a power to imagine what is being tested and what it will be.

From January 20th to March 17th 2023. Calle de la Escuadra 3, Madrid (Lavapies)

Curator: Leo Casas Vicente