Adriana Rodríguez new solo show
May the 17th to June 28th 2024.

Intuition + domain? or intelligence + design? From a purely scientific point of view, the construction of an object requires the environment, some perspective that contextualizes it, the parts and the whole. Your explanation must produce mental images, turn scribbles and sounds into realities. The work of art reflects images translated by a color palette and lines that an artistic brain incorporates into a support.

Adriana Rodríguez creates a dialogue between her work and mental images. An investigation in a personal, intimate and private moment. She questions whether a development is necessary to put limits on technique with an objective. Rodríguez solves it by combining artistic research with her creativity and with her experience, the proposal is to design a problem that needs solution. A work with hypotheses and dilemmas that each observation unravels in the intimacy of his biography. Investigation (research) + development? or intangible + different? The movement of the eye through the work is a very personal journey. The action of observing Adriana Rodríguez's works is to investigate one's own inner world, a journey where each person reconstructs themselves based on that introspection.The support is used fabrics that provide traces of its past that do not fade, parts that only let out what has to be and exist without fearing the vacuum, or falling into a vacuum horror because the world also has voids with strong meanings, Is loneliness a void? Maybe it's just the absence of some problems that we no longer need. Maybe it's the art.

Curator and text: Leo Casas Vicente.