Lucrecio Oteiza (En)

Lucrecio Oteiza is a Spanish artist born in Navarra. After high school in Zaragoza, he graduated in Economics in Barcelona in 1970.

He moved to New York, making contact between 1973 and 1981 with American painting. During this time he decided to delve into action painting and abstract expressionism and not pop, which in the 1970s reached its peak.

He returned to Spain in 1982 with the intention of dedicating himself to painting for which he settled in Madrid and began to attend the Círculo de Bellas Artes and its workshops to complete his training.


After the explosion of color through which other artistic codes are shown, OTEIZA's paintings manifest the harsh reality hidden behind the poetry of his abstract compositions and his refined figures of almost primitive conception.

The human figures are mere bizarre graphics that seem to dance nervously on the flat chromatic surface. They are disturbing characters, refined to the utmost until they become filaments that move in a somewhat ghostly atmosphere, but which remind us of Klee or even Miró, they present a certain magicistic and naive touch.

LUCRECIO OTEGUI, as the members of the New York school, expresses anguish, the feeling sometimes torn through painting, his own physical character, bright colors and a well-marked sense of composition. A pictorial work that awakens the conscience in a world lacking in spirituality.

Susana García Fanjul, "La Brocha" - July 2003