Calle Moratín 23 (Barrio Las letras), Madrid
Calle Moratín 23 (Barrio Las letras), Madrid

The gallery

Contemporary art gallery.

We represent emerging artists and mid-career artists. We also advise young collectors.

The Martín de Vidales Art gallery was born in 2019 as an online gallery with the showroom in a space in a historic building in the Sol district in the heart of Madrid. We soon realized that in order to bring our artists closer to the entire public, also to those who simply want to enjoy visiting a gallery, we needed the accessibility that a space provides at street level.

Mar de Vida Art is now a project for all art lovers and contemporary artists with eclectic, figurative, abstract or surrealist styles.

Our vision is that a Sea of Life captures, that is why our vision is based on a sustainable and sustained growth through art and beauty.