Martín de Vidales Art is a contemporary art gallery born both for art lovers and collectors as well as for contemporary artists with their language and personal style that can be colourful, eclectic, figurative, abstract, surreal, etc.

The gallery's commitment to collectors is a task of promoting artists, taking care in the selection of both the work and the personality.

Our vision is to introduce didactic elements in the exhibitions so that even people who are beginning to love art find their place in this wonderful world that is art. We believe in sustainable growth sustained by art and aesthetics. The gallery's commitment to collectors is a task of promoting artists, taking care of both the work and the personality in the selection.


Luisa Martin de Vidales. Founder and director of the Martín de Vidales gallery.

She has university degrees in different fields such as  engineering, a sociology and  communication, three fields that model analytical thinking without neglecting human aspects.

She has extensive professional experience in sales both in Spain and in Germany. In 2018 she started her return to Spain to start the Martín de Vidales gallery, a project that materialized in 2019 through different formats of promotion and sale of artists. After the 2020 break, at the beginning of 2021 she opened the first space in the Barrio de las Letras. At the end of 2022, she moved the gallery to the Lavapiés neighborhood, an environment with a strong art culture. The new space has 90 m2 distributed over two floors with different environments, which allow customizing the atmosphere of each exhibition.

Leo C. Vincent. Artistic and PR director,  based in Germany.

He has university degree in the fields of sociology and philosophy. He also has deep knowledge in the different techniques of artistic creation. His career as a curator has been carried out in Germany taking care of projects in local Foundations as a collaborator with curators and also local art collectors.

His target at the Martín de Vidales gallery includes supporting the management in curatorial tasks, PR  as well as managing relations with the artists.