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A veil is a curtain or fabric that covers something.

Are ideas and prejudices certainly social veils?

Some veils are attached to the person because of that what they are. 

Other type of veils are acquired throughout life, sometimes called tags. We are all exposed to being ascribed to something that we have not chosen because of the veils that float in the environment and that without looking for them they find us while their shadow surrounds us.

This exhibition combines aesthetics and idea. Each work on the wall is collage with an old time photo of a woman, they are real photos as old as the clothing that can be seen. The blue veil fell, she withdrew gracefully, revealing the woman. The veils with a yellow background have stuck to their history without permission, they arrived later as prejudices that, flying through space, occupy the place that previously found the shadow.

With this exhibition we have an ambitious goal in the gallery. We would like art lovers to learn to love concept art if they haven't discovered it yet.

The exhibition will be held from July 12 at the Mar de Vida Art space at 23 Moratín Street in Madrid's Barrio de las Letras.