Manuel Domingo Castellanos

Manuel Domingo Castellanos, is an artist and doctor of Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. His work reveals his questioning about multidimensionality in the two-dimensional, combining inconcretion or evanescent out of focus with cold drawing lines, creating a dynamic work that shows a hierarchy of objects and ideas that allow the viewer to build that hierarchy, which also it can develop with the evolution of each viewer.

Manuel has remained faithful to his style throughout his work. His doctoral thesis analyzes the dialogue within art between painting and photography, as he himself expresses in his Doctoral Thesis photography, has not only enriched and refined the plastic arts, it has also transformed the way of seeing and understanding our environment . Manuel's work reveals his interest in the way photography captures the moment and this enriches him with the figurative prose and the freedom that brushes give him.

Thesis: (Es) La tecnificación del boceto: Jardiel, Delacámara y García Benedí.  ISBN: 84-669-0913-3