In showroom from 9th of september

Abrindo portas 

Within the framework of #AperturaMadrid, the Martín de Vidales Art Gallery inaugurates a new exhibition entitled aBrindo portas, a title selected in Portuguese as a symbolic gesture of respect and friendship towards our neighbors.

Abrindo portas is an exhibition that aims to present part of the artists represented by the gallery. The exhibition is designed so that visitors not only can examine the work on display, one of the fundamental objectives is to offer the opportunity to learn more about the artists who create them. The works are accompanied by a statement in the words of their artists about what inspires and motivates them for the creation of their work. Additionally, the gallery will inform via Instagram and its website about the hours in which visitors can meet and talk personally with the artists in the gallery.

The exhibition will feature work by Naza del Rosal, Cristina Mur, Alejos Lorenzo and Manuel Domingo Castellanos with a monograph on portraits.

The exhibition will be held between September 9th and 17th at the Mar de Vida Art space at 23 Moratín Street (Calle Moratín) in Madrid's Barrio de las Letras