Columba Redero Rodriguez

A dream world

From 13/04 to 01/05 2021

The exhibition A dream world is a work collection of the artist Columba Redero where the artist expresses positive feelings through colors. A dream world is made up of images to remember and feel positive and happy moments, works full of feelings of joy, color and hope. The works of Columba Redero are an image of the freshness of the youth.

All the works are made in oil on canvas.

Columba Redero Rodriguez is a painter with a 25-year successful career. As she herself affirms, her awakening as an artist is related to the expressionists, an artistic trend that not only gave her satisfaction as an observer, but expressionism painting also led her towards the brushes. Painting became for her a way of life. She herself affirms that she does not draw, she destroys the drawings, fills them with color and elements typical of an ideal world of dreams.

Columba has had many solo exhibitions and many other group shows in Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. Her work has been awarded 5 times.


2007 1ª Mención VI Certamen Pincel Verde de Leganés (Madrid).

2003 Premio de la Junta Municipal de Hortaleza a su entrega por el Arte Gráfico.

Premio de la Junta Municipal de Hortaleza al conjunto de su obra del curso 2002-2003

1998 1º premio Certamen de Pintura Taller Galería Madrid 2000

1998 2º premio Artes Plásticas Club Iberia L.A.E.

1998 Accésit X Certamen Tema Jardines de Aranjuez

Donated works

Museo Arte Contemporaneo Casa Spinola Azuaga (Badajoz).

Fondo de la Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid

Caja Duero Bejar (Salamanca)

Casa de la Cultura de San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia)

Sala de Arte Julio Cortazar, Madrid.