Paula López-Bravo

López-Bravo work is based on the moment, the environment and what makes us feel alive.

With a deep knowledge of shape and color, her painting shows a spontaneous game of color, with abstraction in the backgrounds. Backgrounds full of brightness and vitality to allow the sight getting lost freely among the wide color palette, attracting and surrounding the spectator.

The painting borrows figures, subjects, situations and live scenes inspired by sensations, dreams, memories or experiences. It is not about offering a concrete reading of the characters or elements, but these characters are the vehicle to capture the perception of the moment. A carpe diem full of color.

López-Bravo paintings do not talk to the intellect, but to human emotion. An organic painting, honest and passionate.

Her work combines an abstract and figurative style. Produced with a mixed technique (acrylic, spray and pastel) with energetic improvisation, careful of background brush-strokes and an unconcerned trace while precise in figuration.