Espacios de Luz y Sombra.         Closing on January 8th 2022

The exhibition cycle DÚO presents the second exhibition with the dialogue between the artists Cristina Mur and Carlos I. Faura. ESPACIO DE LUZ Y SOMBRA invites the works of both artists to dance together, the collision between their differences and technical, material and aesthetic contrapositions reveal points of connection hidden to the naked eye.Both artists find the perfect ally in their search for beauty in the balance. That right point of harmony, which envelops everything in fullness. A meeting between different spaces that need each other to achieve the desired balance. In this way, they not only build through the mass of their brushstrokes or the sculptural matter, but also through the spaces freed around them; conceiving rhythmic compositions that surround us in a melody where the pauses and silences are as important as the notes.

In ESPACIO DE LUZ Y SOMBRA, Cristina Mur's work seems to fly in an ethereal way among the clouds, while Carlos I. Faura's pieces are presented solidly anchored to the ground. Proposing that both works are at that intermediate point between heaven and earth. An exhibition that serves asa a horizon in that encounter between the ethereal and the terrestrial, dawn and dusk, light and shadow. 

(Full text of Oscar García García available in the press release)

From November the 10th 2021.