Totte Mannes

Totte Mannes was born in Kajaani, Finland in 1933. Since 1969 and after living in different countries, he settled in Madrid where he has produced a large part of his work.

Her work and her evolution

Totte Mannes has a very personal painting that bears witness to his time. The artist does not want to position herself in any trend, in her own words, she liked to look at the works of other artists to avoid imitating. Perhaps that is why her work is the result of an evolution that accompanies the development of art in Spain in the 20th and early 21st centuries.

From a 20th century surrealism in a realistic context, a personal op-art of coherent sets of ribbons or sheets with a masterful technique and the utmost perfection both in the set and in each element that Mannes treats with elegance and detail, resulting in sets where the elements have life and movement in a nature that the artist builds for them. Mannes also creates his own constructivist works by breaking down musical instruments to investigate painting and music from the parts of the instruments that are responsible for sound, thus bringing the senses of sight and hearing closer together in an aesthetic experience that relates both. Her development as an artist also includes portraits of perfect faces and some collages where the author and score coexist on the canvas, some unique and very personal works that also unite her two passions: painting and music. Time is witness that even today she is a great artist, Mannes still paints and creates works about themes that she  concern.

Totte Mannes works (selection)