Totte Mannes

Totte Mannes was born in Kajaani, Finland in 1933. Since 1969 and after living in different countries, he settled in Madrid where he has produced a large part of his work.

Totte Mannes Statement:

After my first surreal paintings, where I spit out all my anger and sorrow, I started to cover my unnecessary feelings with crumpled paper. In 1975, I exhibited successfully in several cities, but over the years the theme of paper bored me and that is how the series began: Ola Verde, Montañas, Selvas, Cristóbal Colón, Venecia, Cintas, Ecuménica, Destructivism, etc. I remember that Ecuménica arose after an exhibition at the Arte.Ecuménica Chapel in the Finnish city of Turku, hence the religious charge of the series, with different signs of different religions.

When I was a young cartoonist and designer I thought that everything had already been painted. But when I started I discovered that my painting was different. I was aware of the protest against all the prohibitions that had been inoculated in art schools.

Since the fifties, rustic painting has been very successful. But I am not rustic. I like a living, vibrant, three-dimensional painting, like a relief without being one. I paint glitter because glitter lives, matte is death.

Cut of the interview with Totte Mannes by Javier Martín in April 2015 (10+UNA to Totte MANNES) -totte-mannes

Gallery exhibition: Sounds and Silences (Sonidos y Silencios)