An exhibition of Ailen Maleta

Within the framework of the Off Festival and outside the official section of the Festival OFF, the Mar de Vida Art Gallery presents the photographic project of the Cuban photographer Ailen Maleta, ELLA.

The ELLA exhibition is made up of a series of self-portraits of the artist full of meaning and sensitivity.

The curator Semíramis González, in a previous exhibition, also at the gallery, referred to Maleta's work as an analysis of the modern dilemma between innovation, introspection and imagination. Gonzalez believes that these concepts often seem even antagonistic and the challenge is to combine them as the photographer does in her work.

From introspection, Maleta reflects herself through a series of photographs that refer to that moment of being alone in order to see herself better. However, there is nothing deeper in fantasy than thinking about oneself, portraying oneself and immersing ourselves in our subconscious.

They are photographs where the human footprint always appears, in some way, but whose scenes also have a lot of interior construction. Reality is very present, either to portray it or to deny it. Maleta turns on herself in a performative exercise that is reflected in photography, a presentation and a desire to show herself openly, letting the public finish interpreting what she sees.

The exhibition can be visited from June 24th.