Adriana Rodriguez

Adriana Rodríguez's work reflects the study and development of ideas, thoughts, without any end or resounding answer, without limits in technique. Starting from the knowledge of the academic technique, she destroys, builds unabashedly.

Aesthetics of essay, it begins with used fabrics, with a past, stains, wear, seams... worked to be drawn, painted and scribbled. As if it were the margins of a notebook, fading, blurring, plastic/graphic accidents of an internal struggle... are used to capture the different options and path of a single thought, creating a plastic space open to interpretation.

Collecting, the value of painting, space and vision of consumption, trend, pictorial dialogue... are targets of criticism from the most everyday side, close being inspiration for the creation of artistic pieces from recycling. New canvases full of expression and without pretense of blowing up postures, aware of the excess of information (information for immediate consumption and entertainment) of the technological age in which we live.

Works in significant collections:

Collection of the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation.