Exhibition cycle Dúo

Mar de fondo 


    An exhibition of Naza del Rosal y Ailen Maleta

What a sea is the tide of passion, whose fountains are in our own nature! 

Mary Shelley: The last man (1826)

Few women like Mary Shelley have better understood the modern dilemma between innovation, introspection, and imagination. Often these concepts seem even antagonistic and, nevertheless, at the beginning of the XIX century she knew how to combine them in what would be her masterpiece, Frankenstein, but not only. Throughout her books, Shelley also addresses, in a secondary way, the complex existence of being a woman in an oppressive and unequal present time. In this way, I would like not only to vindicate Shelley but also to put her in relation to this exhibition, "Mar de fondo", where two artists as different as Ailen Maleta (La Habana, 1984) and Naza del Rosal (Almería, 1983) dialogue, and where there is much of innovation, introspection and imagination.

Starting from different geographical origins, this exhibition is included in the "Duo" cycle that confronts two different artists in the room to establish links between their works. It turns out that here, in addition, both have a closeness with the environment of the sea, with nature and water; and both, in some way, interpret the possibility of imagining the world. From the introspection of Maleta, reflected through a series of photographs that refer to that moment of being alone to see ourselves better, to the imagination of Del Rosal, whose worlds and characters escape from known reality. However, both have in common that there is nothing deeper in fantasy than thinking about oneself, taking a picture and, deep down, immersing ourselves in our subconscious... (Full text in the press release) 

Semiramis González, Independent curator.

"My work is self-referential at all times, either through my body or with the use of other elements that reflect these experiences. I am interested in talking about life as a process, about pain, loneliness, relationships, spirituality , the body as a container for all this and the emotions that they can involve. I use photography and video art as the main media to document a constructed image and in most cases a performative action." Ailen Maleta, photographer.