CONTAMINACIÓN-ES is a project where two artists with different techniques are invited to dialogue with each other through their work. An opportunity to add new concerns, connections and dialogues in a game of union and also of opposition. To kick off this new cycle, entitled DÚO, the artists Teresa Pajares and Manuel Domingo Castellanos have been selected.

Both artists, in their own way, offer us a fragmented view of reality. In his works we find an architectural discourse, underneath a geometric design. An order of organizational criteria and common aesthetic-constructive effects. Everything under a halo of poetic dimension, harmonized by the balance of his compositions. In search of a reflection on the ephemeral between the everyday and the eternal.

We also find a questioning of the matter, supported by the combination of various materials and treatments. An exploration of the limits of art: between plasticity and the vindication of space, where the pulse between abstraction and figuration acquires great importance.

In CONTAMINACIÓN-ES the plurality of dialogues by Teresa Pajares and Manuel Domingo Castellanos offers us the opportunity to enjoy the conjugation of matter, color and narrative. Offering us an exhibition where the works become that transmission channel that contaminates us with new ideas, feelings and attitudes.

Text: Óscar García García, Independent Commissioner and Director of PAC. The full text of Oscar García García is available in the press release.