Ana Alberca

Primitive, abstract, impulsive, balanced, are words that can explain both the creation process and the final result reflected in Ana Alberca's graphic work. In her work, lines play a leading role. It is a simple element that allows you to create images that can convey different sensations, from calm to agitation, depending on the strength and shape of the line.

Her engravings have a certain connection with the Spanish "tachismo" that emerged in 1950 in terms of the abstraction of the forms they represent. Ana Alberca works with copper and zinc plates using the drypoint technique, a sharp needle that falls directly on them energetically, drawing lines and describing undulating rhythms that become calligraphic forms or nervous and repetitive strokes.

The purity of her lines give her work a strong minimalist impact. Simplicity is so present in her work, that despite showing only a few elements, they are endowed with enormous expressiveness and do not require any additional form to be completed.