Every day is white (Todos los días son blancos)

Starting from the poem by the Spanish writer Gloria Fuertes (strongly imbricated in the neighborhood where she was born, Lavapiés) this exhibition opens a new space in such a special neighborhood, steeped in culture, social commitment and art for decades. The invitation to curate the opening of the Martín de Vidales gallery has meant for me, as a curator, an exciting challenge that required me to be up to it. At the height of a space where emerging artists are presented, but also from a neighborhood that has been mine for eight years, and with the premise that the artists who are part of this first exhibition are, in the long run, part of the gallery family.

Luisa Martín de Vidales opens a space as she has opened her project: with honesty, enthusiasm and professionalism. My job as a curator, in these white days, is to put artists who meet for the first time into dialogue and who talk about social commitment, historical memory, life experiences and the ambiguous space of the home.

"Every day is white" is an ode to openness, to the beginning of a project in a new space, but also to the luck of the encounter, of putting works by different artists into dialogue and, above all, a commitment to meet and celebrate.

Text by Semiramis Gonzalez, exhibition curator.

From November 17 to January 14 at Calle de la Escuadra 3, in the Lavapiés neighborhood in Madrid