An exhibition by Paula López-Bravo

Alteration of the Latin alteratio tells us about a change. Alteration shares a root with altercation and with altruistic. Aren't these agents that accompany change?

Change comes to us as an altercation that alters what we perceive as normal. Every altercation that time gives us can also be an altruistic action of life. Are weather alterations small gifts with new perspectives and experiences of what is to come?

If we play it as positive, is the announcement of new moments of joy an alteration?

Perhaps a joy that guides us to reflect on a wide range of emotions: from small frustrations that will also pass, from moments that bring us back into contact with reality or from losses that remind us that what we have matters to us.

But they are also reflections that show us again the invisible. They are alterations that remind us of the ephemerality of the world so that we embrace it and live it.

But above all, the alterations are announcements of new opportunities.

Curator: Leo Casas Vicente