What to do in Madrid when you want to see art?


The truth is that the recurring response refers us to the great museums, which are certainly magnificent, but entering during free hours forces us to wait in endless queues to enter. But that is not the only art offer.

I confess that since I don't live in Madrid I miss part of the schedule of art exhibitions that are held in Madrid, but for a couple of months I have decided to publish my visits to exhibitions on my Instagram profile, it is the only social network I use habitually.

The artistic offer in Madrid is among the best in Europe, in my humble opinion, and I frequently travel to Germany and other northern European countries. I don't know if I already wrote it, but I have lived in Germany for years.

In Madrid there are wonderful exhibitions and many are free. What a small list where they are not all but the ones I mention are good and oh, I am not going to review each one. I only want from here to motivate all the people who want to understand art to continue learning about it because there is a magnificent offer.

The María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation at calle de Alcalá Galiano, 6 is highly recommended. The permanent collection is a real gem and the exhibition of urban art these days is essential.

In the Alcalá 31 room, the Juan Muñoz exhibition is another jewel. It is true that this exhibition has many followers, but a visit at noon allows you to enjoy it without waiting in line.

The exhibition at the ICO museum by Pablo Palazuelo also surprised me a lot. Palazuelo seems to me one of the greats and the curation of Teresa Raventós-Viñas and Gonzalo Sotelo-Calvillo is an added value.

And since you are in the area, the exhibitions in Colón at the Fernán Gómez are always worth it. Sometimes there are more than one and they are all great.

It is a magnificent way to understand modern art, get closer, get to know it and get to know it better because it is inevitable to fall in love, to fall in love with art.