Michelle Camhi new solo show
March the 22nd to April the 26th , 2024. Opening March 22nd 7 pm.

CREATE is a view of the art of emerging and emerging in art, two ideas that, without being synonymous, are needed. The first art is intuition, knowledge and knowing how to move socially, something so difficult to achieve. The second art is talent.

Michelle Camhi brings youth freshness with her work. CREATE is much more than the title of a single show, CREATE is the plot line of her presentation in Spain as an artist. Camhi's work shows us her social concern as a world of contradictions that reaches her eyes that observe her wanting to dialogue with the artist, a dialogue sought through her work.

CREATE (make your self) by Camhi is a CREETE (believe in you) that feeds on the talent of masters  who also created and believed in themselves at the youth of being 20 years old. 

CREATE is a spring that combines talent, humility and honesty. For this reason CREATE, Camhi's first exhibition in an art gallery in Madrid must start with the beginning of spring 2024.

Curator and text: Leo Casas Vicente.