Lo que fue, lo que es, lo que podría ser (What was, what is, what could be)

With the title What was, what is, what could be, the Martín de Vidales Gallery presents at the 14th edition of the JUSTMAD 2023 fair an exhibition project curated by Leo Casas Vicente, with the work of artists who reflect through their work on the past, present and future. The artists focus on three states: on previous experiences, on the memory of those experiences, and on what we think could be an end to something that is not closed and that can be redrawed and reassigned a meaning.

When we think about time, time and our thinking bring back moments from some past time. Paula López-Bravo paints moments and sensations from her own experiences that are certainly not hers alone. There are some experiences of many and sometimes shared memories. Through her work we remember that moment that López-Bravo portrays and tells us. The memories of each moment come back and the emotion makes us smile.

Art also allows us to share with the artist the conclusion of the work and of the story. Each look is for the work a look from its future and the end is different. Each look and each moment have a knot and an outcome where the work and the observation evolve together. Adriana Rodríguez flirting with the impossible, and with the contingent so that time and observation make it possible and necessary.

There is another future that worries us, there is a lot of talk about it and many are waiting for others to solve it. CR4NDO (María Martín) acts and reflects on the future and on caring for the planet through her works and her techniques. The artist brings artistic creation closer to the recycling of materials, extolling them and giving them a new personality. In this case, the two works presented play with the mimesis of turning two everyday pieces that are broken and rescued from the garbage into objects with a new personality.