Carlos I. Faura

Carlos Iglesias Faura is a Spanish sculptor. The critic Carlos Delgado Mayordomo writes about his work that one of the keys to Carlos's poetics |. Faura is the repetition of a module on which he applies variants of scale and arrangement in space. This last point is not, by any means, random but is born from a rigorous relational chain that feeds on the dialogue between form and emptiness. In this way, the oxidized steel poses readjustments in the direction of the gaze to plunge it into a flexible and rhythmic path. Matter and emptiness interact in expressive equivalence and tense the dialectical thought that exists between reason and expressiveness, whole and unity, assonance and dissonance. The result is a poetic where the void not only serves to clarify the structure of matter, but is forcefully positioned as a reflective nucleus.