Naza del Rosal

Naza del Rosal has a degree in Fine Arts and a Diploma in Graphic Design. Her professional career began with illustration, graphic design and painting in the artistic duo Olliemoonista where, apart from illustration and painting, she was involved in a significant number of mural projects. The different activities and stages of her production as an artist are related on her website.

Naza del Rosal began in 2019 to develop a career as an artist individually with paintings, illustrations with group exhibitions and other activities as a cultural manager and exhibition curator.

Naza del Rosal's pictorial work is without any doubt very personal. Her paintings reflect her interest in the planet, in animals and plants and in the environment, creating in each work a dreamlike world that communicates with the observer from the first contact. A world that unleashes every imagination in which each observer is able to create their own story.