CR4Ndo´s new solo show
January the 3rd to March the 15th , 2024. Opening January the 3rd at  17:30

The word "Pulgar" in Spanish is rhetorically like a flea (pulga) or raising the thumb (pulgar). Flea because the new works have a small size.

CR4Ndo surprises us again with this exhibition dedicated to different forays into techniques and aesthetics. Faithful to her idea of creating art with the minimum of means and maximum of recycling, the Spanish artist presents us works from the Seeing  Without Light series presented at tje fairs  JUSTLX in Lisbon and at the ESTAMPA fair in Madrid. The works from the Self-series are CR4Ndo's new commitment in small format on paper. The works of Self are an investigation into color and composition when the parts become the whole. CR4Ndo uses the word Self to reinforce the idea that each person is a set and that all sets are equal but different, each self is a selection of traits or characteristics of all its ancestors, reinforcing the idea that at some point we all share some ancestor To create the works, the artist creates a larger work that she sections and builds different situations with the parts. The aesthetic experience of Self by CR4Ndo materializes when several works are combined, forcing the eye to move, building its story. All works are unique and framed

Curator and text: Leo Casas Vicente.