Art collecting 2


Collecting art, first ideas

I wonder if  after the first chapter you have been able to start thinking on your own  art collection. If not, just wait. The ideas will come easily later.

It's time to get into the subject and let me start by talking about a collection that perhaps for some people gets out of the idea of what an art collection is. It is possible that some people think that I am entering another area, however, sometimes you have to leave the subject to have an overview and be able to enter again.

A collection must have its own line and its own essence. For example, a collector of chocolate egg dolls will not be interested in small dolls in general, they will be interested in these miniatures that come out of those chocolate eggs. I don't know if it's an urban legend, I don't think so, that there are series or figurines of these chocolate eggs that reach values much higher than those that were surprised by a chocolate egg. If we think of collecting stamps, bottle caps of a specific type of drink or bottles of a cola drink, would these people be interested in a doll with the chocolate eggs? Possibly many will invest their energy and resources in their own collections

Collecting structures the idea of collecting of the person to search for and locate the objects that fit into one's own collection. The collector person decides which objects or works fit into his collection, either for a matter of aesthetics, by intuition, by the desire to acquire a work by a certain artist. To enjoy a collection it is advisable to find your own interests because this will guide in the future where to find objects to complete the collection.

I will attend or comment in private on questions or doubts that come to:

Allow me also to leave a text about collecting. I found the text in academic Google, so it complies with the canons of academic writing, but I find it interesting. By the way, this text is in Spanish, please excuse me. However, if necessary, I will be delighted to find an equivalent text in English, but I need a little more time.

You should note that this is just a text and it is not a proposal for a collection, we are at the point of thinking about how to design a collection, each person must understand that it is an ordered compendium of ideas to select what they like the most! interest.

The citation of the text is:

Tinturé, R.G.B. (2001). Art collecting in Spain. Notebooks of the Ateneo, (10), 92-100..

The link to the text, which is freely accessible:

Art collecting in Spain (ES)

I hope you enjoy it and we'll see you on the watchful eye.

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