Art collecting 8 - Artist


I dedicate this new release of a watchful eye to a beloved artist to whom the gallery has dedicated many efforts during 2023. The gallery has presented it in Lisbon at the JUSTLX fair and at Estampa in Madrid.

It is in the language of art curators, of a rescued artist, if we present her in the gallery it is because we know that her work has the quality to arouse interest. I have to confess that I feel weakness, a lot of affection and a very special respect for artists to whom art history does not dedicate a place. Is it perhaps the responsibility of each artist? Is the arrogance of the moment prioritized over one's own interests? What must a work or its artist have to succeed in the art market?

Starting with the 10th installment of this blog, I will reflect on the gallery-artist relationship.

I will answer or comment privately on any questions or concerns that arise:

I hope you enjoy it a lot and we'll see you soon.

I hope you enjoy it and we'll see you on the lookout.