Art collecting 8 - Totte Mannes


Totte Mannes is, in the language of art curators, a rescued artist, but Totte deserves to belong to everyone. I have to be honest and tell you that I feel a very special affection for Totte and a lot of respect for the woman, the person and the artist.

I feel lucky to be able to visit her in her studio because I enter the studio of a great artist, in her refuge, in that place where she has created a delicate and technically perfect work.

Totte Mannes is also a magnificent writer. 50 years ago she published a book with interviews with some of the most important artists of the time. It is a literary gem that was initially published in Finnish to show the Finnish public the enormous quality of the art that was being made in Spain. Now 50 years later the gallery is coordinating the translation into Spanish. It is a literary gem not only for the history of art, sociology finds a lot of study material, people on the street can enjoy reading it and reflect on art and the social changes that have occurred in the 50 years. The chapters of this reading test are a story about that first meeting where the content of the book was designed. The other chapter is Totte Mannes' conversation with Joaquín Vaquero Turcios, author of the monument in the Plaza de Colón in Madrid.

The attached text is in Spanish, but I am sure that the reader will be able to find the way to read it in the language that is most comfortable for them.

I will answer or comment privately on questions or doubts that arise:

I hope you enjoy it and we'll see you on the lookout.