Art collecting 9. Diary of an art fair.


October 15th, 2023

It's Sunday and next Wednesday we have the stand setup at the fair. By the way, it's 4D18, or maybe when you read the post it will be a "was".

It is not our first fair. We have participated in 3 editions of JUSTMAD, 2 of JUSTLX and 1 of PINTA, in Miami. Each upcoming fair seems to be more important than the previous ones, but the previous ones are so important that I keep visualizing them to take into account possible past mistakes. The conclusion I reached is that all fairs are unique and each one is undoubtedly the most important.

The emotions of a gallery in front of a fair are very strong because we know that we have a lot at stake. The preparation process takes months, I would say that after each fair we start with the next one. I cannot put myself in the shoes of those galleries that have been leading the Spanish or perhaps world art market for several decades, but I suppose it is also a moment of excitement, nerves and preparation.

There are some logistical issues that need to work. The transporter that carries the works cannot fail, the gallery must prepare everything necessary to set up the stand: works, signs, texts, tools, furniture... while I write it I do a mental scan of the stand of what I have and what is missing... business cards, the price list, packaging material... oh... missing high...... the dataphone... what else?

When we present gallery artists at a fair, it is not just about hanging their works in an aesthetic way, galleries need to know very well each artist we represent, their research, their intentions, why that technique and not another. Also the type of career that each artist has and what point they are in. These are things that we have to prepare very well; If I am honest, this is a very enriching work, it fascinates me and that is the moment when you understand the quality of each artist. I approach it from humility because I want to learn, I do it from curiosity and from the desire to better understand his work.

Today, Sunday, I invited to the fair all the people who told me they were interested in my artists and those who are beginning to get to know the gallery and actively follow us. Monday and Tuesday is the time for final thoughts and preparations.

What else?

The artistic project we carry out covers different lines: emerging and mid-career artists; and we rescue a magnificent artist who art history should not forget.

It's Sunday and I'm going to disconnect or continue thinking by doing another activity.

The fair is already over

Well, the fair has already closed. Our stand had very good reviews, the works and the artists aroused interest and, as happens in these events, the adrenaline was pumping. Very interesting people passed by the stand with some enriching conversations. And I was able to make a nice list of people who are interested in what we do at the gallery, new friends.

We are in installment 9 of the blog, after each installment it will be shown the development.After the booth assembly I enjoyed  a little dip in a bubble bath of impostor syndrome, that's what we call it in Spanish. But when I put on my glasses to see the world as it is,  I saw that our art offer was not eclipsed by anything or anyone. So it was.

Sales? Sometimes we have to set medium and long-term goals to consolidate our target in the art market. 

We are in installment 9 of the blog, after each installment it will be shown the development.