Coleccionar arte 7. How to know if I like an artist


Knowing if we like an artist or if we will like it in a year is one of the questions that anyone asks when planning to buy an art work or when visiting an art event.

But let's talk honestly, because I'm sure that during this time we have visited museums, art centers and galleries; Taste is not only modeled by aesthetic experience, but also by the search for a certain type of artistic beauty. Possibly the taste at this point begins to look for the artists' careers, their CVs, their evolution, their current activity, if they work with a gallery or if they have a presence in relevant art fairs and some others.

For example, it worries me personally if an abstract artist that I like painted figuratively before, if he knows how to paint and draw because I think to enter into abstract is a research  to question what should be improved in a photo, but is this necessary?

I am going to talk about an artist who is currently one of the ones that interests me the most and for whom art history has also made a place. I mean Jean-Michel Basquiat. He died at the age of 27, he could have produced many more art works, but in 1988 he pas of.

Basquiat's work aroused interest from the beginning. From 1980, when he showed his work for the first time in a group exhibition in New York until his death, he had the opportunity to exhibit outside the United States successfully and with relevant galleries. I will not go into detail about this because all the information is available on the Internet and I am sure that anyone who has not already done so will be interested in the details of his life and his work after finishing this entry.

What I propose in this delivery is the reading of an article published in 1985 by the New York Times. I think the interesting thing about reading this article is reading what was written about that young man who was then 24 years old when he was starting his career and was still alive. As would be expected, he also had his detractors, however, the history of art, with very good judgment, has welcomed him.

He left you two links for the same text.<br>

The NYTIMES link states this at the bottom of the article: 

A version of this article appears in print on Sept. 20, 1985, Section C, Page 22 of the National edition with the headline: ART: BASQUIAT, WARHOL.

The original text of te article is in English, for those who feel more comfortable reading in another language, you already know that online translation is a simple task.

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