More reflections and my reflections


Is there a fine line between work and pleasure?

Adult life is complicated. Nobody tells you when you are little and if someone has tried to tell you, by some strange mechanism that we have in our heads we think "I can do better". It is possible that fathers and mothers also had that thought and know that it cannot be changed. That is perhaps why they look at us with tenderness in the face of such a statement.

I was a paid employee for a while, then I decided to become self-employed. Working for someone else, you have to deal with mediocre and weak bosses in every way and even weaker colleagues willing to kill or die for a look from that mediocre boss.

Working for freelance I knew it would be difficult, but I tackled it. I have to say that since then I sleep better, my social relationships are healthier and I enjoy life more. I accepted for a job where I can't sign my papers. I explain it to you. I am in a team where we receive some instructions and we start to think and write. If you allow me to be honest, I like that job, the work environment is good and so is the money. However, I have the thorn that my words, my ideas and my proposals - which, by the way, are good - are hidden behind another signature that by contract I cannot reveal. I suppose that this well-being comes to me when, possibly unconsciously, I compare myself with my previous life.

At some point Luisa offered me the opportunity to work with an art gallery in Madrid, a city that I love and that is about 2,000 km from my home. My first idea was, how will I do it? Whoever offered me this second job believed in me so much that everything was very easy. And that's how it is, very easy, there really are many jobs that can be solved electronically.

Actually, I do practically the same thing in my two jobs, or very similar. In both I have recognition of a job well done, and by the way I am also happy. There are subtle differences between the two that are very important. From one I can live economically, from the other not. But in that other one I have some personal satisfaction that the first one doesn't give me and to be honest I couldn't live alone with the economic advantage.

This other job fills me up, gives me perspectives and the chance to decide and also to read my name at the end of my job, to sign what I do. There is another difference, the economic benefit ties me but the well-being stabilizes me.

Well-being also comes because I work with artists who are wonderful and honest people, they are authentic artists. From time to time when I am in Madrid I have the opportunity to see their works live, to play them and believe me I am filled with pride for them and for having the immense luck of having them as companions and of being able to think about their works.

The art market is not easy anywhere. However, in any field, a strong and professional team favors finding opportunities and being successful. A feedback that does not stop and that is our engine.

By the way, don't miss the Watchfull Eye blog (Ojo Azor blog) about collecting art on our gallery website, here. The blog will help you to structure your way of thinking and educate your gaze. This is especially important if insecurity blocks you when looking at art works o you are about to buy any works of art. Also if you are at the beginning and you would like to start an art collection, but you feel unsure or unsecure.

In any case, one good thing about art collecting is that you can be a young collector at any age.

Leo Casas Vicente