New blog about art collecting


Welcome to the website of the Martín de Vidales or Mar de Vida Art gallery and to the ojo avizor blog. I have to say that I have translated it with google from Spanish to English, I could have written it in English but the Spanish version and the English version must have the same contents and meanings, Google offers a reliable translator and I use it. thanks google

I need to be honest, at first I wasn't sure what was the point, in times of social networks, of having a website. However, now I have to say that having the gallery's website allows us to order and manage the most relevant content such as: exhibitions, artists, fairs and also create a blog. Thanks from here to Leo for also creating content in yo leo, blog.

This does mean that we also work with the social network instagram, which at the time of writing this writing is the network that we care of the most. If you are interested in taking a look, the profile is called @mardevida_art.

What I'm going to do from my experience running the gallery and talking to many people who are interested in our work, is that there are many people who are insecure about going into an art gallery and I'm not sure what it is that makes us so insecure.

Sometimes I think that it is a certain insecurity at the idea of thinking that the gallery owner can notice that this visit does not understand art. And I say, and if so, what difference does it make? Other times I think that people do not want to enter because they think that they are obliged to buy something, that this something is more or less expensive, but above all, a large part of the insecurity is knowing if the purchase would be the right one.

Well, I say that galleries like to enjoy that small didactic component that working with art has and share what we understand by art with anyone who enters, also explaining why we work with the artists we represent. This means that insecurity should be on the gallery's side and any visitor need only say a friendly hello.

I hope this blog manages to answer many questions about art at the user level and to understand that in an art gallery you can enter to enjoy art.

Possibly the publications are fortnightly, but we will see that.

With each publication we will develop together our sharp eye to collect and to talk about art collecting. I will gladly answer or comment, in private if that is the case, the questions or doubts that come to: