A dialogue in an urban environment
July the 2nd to August the 30th 2024.
Opening July 2nd from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.

We have titled the exhibition "Icons" But what is an icon? Do we all have the same icons? The works presented relate icons, emotions and dreams, three concepts that are sources of the unattainable or non-conformity. Wasn't nonconformism one of the driving forces of urban art in its beginnings?

Death NYC got his start in art by painting walls and floors in a public setting. CR4Ndo never told us that she had those beginnings, she is interested in what art did not tell because society did not want to see it; CR4Ndo thinks that society hides what we don't like and what doesn't make us feel good.

Each artist presents a side of the world to express his nonconformity by placing emphasis on some icon. Both do it from their anonymity. Is the world even more demanding when it values ​​a woman's work?

Curator and text: Leo Casas Vicente.